New Poetry Workshop Forming in Boston, Massachusetts

dreamstime_head_tree_logo_72dpiAfter a year-plus hiatus, I’m forming a new poetry workshop. The focus of the workshop is on generating new work and nurturing each other’s individual voice. New, questioning, and experienced poets are welcome. The workshop is GLBT friendly. I invite members of all races, classes, nations, and ages to attend.

Here’s what a previous workshop participant had to say about his experience:

As someone who is new to writing workshops and writing for an audience, it was quite helpful to get your input. It’s given me a fresh way to look at my own work.

The workshop space is within walking distance of Roslindale Square in Boston, Massachusetts. Get more details and contact me here.

2 Replies to “New Poetry Workshop Forming in Boston, Massachusetts”

  1. Ahh, if only I too was within walking distance of Roslindale Square in Boston, Massachusetts… 😉
    Bonne chance and happy writing!

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