About the Garden

The Garden of Words came into existence about 20 years ago. Like all websites of a certain age, it has grown and evolved over time. In the interest of good literary citizenship, Frances now uses this site to spread the word about poets she admires and events she thinks poetry lovers would enjoy. The blog includes occasional forays into memoir, politics, and queer experience. You know — for kids.

About the Gardener

Photograph of poet Frances Donovan
A portrait of the artist in her back yard

Frances Donovan’s chapbook Mad Quick Hand of the Seashore was named a finalist in the 31st Lambda Literary Awards. Her poetry and interviews have appeared in many places, including The Rumpus, Snapdragon, Lily Poetry Review, and SWWIM. She holds an MFA in poetry from Lesley University, is a certified Poet Educator with Mass Poetry, and has appeared as a featured reader at numerous venues. A poem of hers was featured in a film in the 2020 Filmetry festival, and another one has been displayed at Boston City Hall. She teaches poetry and writing workshops in the Boston area. She once drove a bulldozer in an LGBTQ+ Pride parade while wearing a bustier. You can find her climbing hills in Boston and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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    1. Hi Kathy: I’ve changed hosting providers and it’s now easier to follow the blog using either WordPress or email. You can sign up for email notifications in the right panel of the home page (it’ll appear at the bottom of the page on a mobile device).

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