Review of Lesbian Romance Always Her, by Alexandra Delancy

Always Her, by Alexandra Delancy
Always Her, by Alexandra Delancy

In the new romance Always Her, Alexandra Delancey does an excellent job of evoking the angst and drama of the college lesbian scene. While I don’t necessarily agree with the identity politics of the characters, they do ring true for their milieu. Jack is that elusive object of lesbian desire: the cool butch who tends bar and had led a charmed life free of homophobia. Elise is the perfect wish fulfillment for every dyke who’s ever loved a straight girl: blonde-haired, shy, sweet, and only newly come to terms with her sexuality. The novella does a great job of building tension between the two to the final sex scene, which is most definitely a one-handed read.

I appreciate the time and attention the author puts into portraying Jack and her friends. Descriptions of the intricate concoctions Jack creates as a mixologist, the tattoos and piercings that adorn Christie’s body, and Tatiana’s funky fashion line ground the story in a way that makes the budding romance between Jack and Elise that much more real. And what real-life lesbian love story would be complete without a close-knit circle of dykes and an ex or two in the background?

It’s amusing to see a British author write in an American voice. Delancey pulls it off for the most part, but every once in a while she’ll let slip a word or phrase (“university” instead of “college,” or “sport” instead of “sports”) that betrays her. I chuckled when she replaced the All-American lesbian sport of softball with a soccer pick-up game. I found these little slips rather endearing, though, and I look forward to Delancey’s future efforts.

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