Garden of Images – Distressed Mermaid Mandala

I drew this mandala during a particularly difficult morning, when I was feeling extra sensitive and had lots of noise and hubbub happening all around me. When I’m in a regular state of mind, leaf blowers are an annoyance. When I’m feeling like I have no skin, they’re an assault to the senses. In the text that (very imperfectly) folds into the curves of this mandala, I try to reconcile the gift of my senses with the challenging things they sense. I never did finish the thought in the drawing, but I do in the caption below.

Image of a mandala with a distressed-looking stick figure mermaid surrounded by stormy water
To see the world and still stand in it is the challenge
I must walk the line between protection and sensitivity
The world will always be there with all its slings and arrows
Leaf blowers, car heaters, trees make me cough.
Sun burns. People say callous things
I persevere

2 Replies to “Garden of Images – Distressed Mermaid Mandala”

  1. I too experience that “without skin” feeling at times. I hope both you and your distressed mermaid (great image, btw!) are doing better now! Or at least, soon…

    1. Yes, I’m doing much better now. I drew That mandala back in October, when I was having a lot of health problems. But I’m sure that I’ll feel that way at some point again. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

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