9 Replies to “The Lesson of Winter is Perseverance”

  1. This poem says a bit about Boston, and a bit more about you. There is hope here in these few lines and inventiveness; but wow!!!wow!!wow!! nothing like reading the bio of Ms.Odelley. That’s a timepunk storie that titillates and leaves the reader wanting MORE! A pleasure to meet you, whoever you are.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Gay. I’ve spent some time over on your site and have been quite impressed with the caliber of your own work. I’m glad you enjoyed the bio of Okelle. It’s something I wrote a few years ago after reading the bios for Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill on the first volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen — a very entertaining series of books whose Hollywood retelling really doesn’t do it justice.

      I wish I could leave more a substantial comment about your poems — especially Self-Portrait at Seven, with its lovely bare couplets — but I’m afraid this time of year leaves me rather tongue-tied. The haiku (or approximation thereof) are something akin to finger exercises for me.

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