Empty Pond, Full Sky

what does it mean to be empty
and what does it mean to be full?

empty air
over the still glass
surface of the pond

empty belly

geese make
full-throated calls,

on a monday after the clocks change–
magic hour of daylight
missing hour of sleep

banks empty
still winter-brown

the fluttering sound
of a goose
drinking from the pond
she glides across

empty water, swirling,
then still
after her passing

the park full
of people stunned
at the way winter falls away

the playground full
of children shouting
in foreign tongues

pen drops from my hand
over the empty boulder
into the clear water
rests on the empty bottom

my womb, empty again

this moment
full of silence

this mind
full of the moment

6 Replies to “Empty Pond, Full Sky”

  1. this is beautiful…love the touches…the empty pond, the goose, the full playground…you capture serenity well…i just want to breathe it in…

    the notice you are getting late from dverse, is it the email notification? trying to figure out how to help…we keep it open 33 hours, from tuesday night (here) thrue wednesday and just trying to figure out what notice is late…

    1. Hi Brian:

      Thanks so much for the kind feedback!

      The late notice about your open list is entirely my fault. But now that I know you post on Tuesday nights, perhaps I can set up a tickler to remind me to visit the blog. Are you on Pacific Time? As I said in my most recent comment, I’m very happy to have found DVerse Poets. My Vassar education has given me standards but my own experience has given me an abhorrence for literary snobbery. You guys seem to have found the sweet spot between the two extremes. Huzzah!

      ~ Okelle

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