7 Replies to “Haiku: July Sky Trees”

  1. Hi Jeremy:

    My blog suffers from moments of existential angst, just like most poets do. It’s generally less lonely when people come by and comment, though — so thanks for taking the time to say hello!

  2. Oh I love this haiku!
    Supine under trees, beautiful!
    I read a few other post too, and I love your wordplay, for example telephony. Just brilliant!
    Can we be friends blogwise, so both our blogs aren’t so lonely? Actually how do we do that, I’m completely new to this, and I have no patience to read all the instructions ha.

    1. Haiku bear, I’m sure we can keep each other’s blogs company. It can be difficult to navigate online spaces no matter how new or not you are to the Intarwebs or blogging in general. I find, though, that online relationships are much like the ones we have in the real world. They require constant care and feeding.

      Jingle’s poetry cafe is a good way to make contacts, but they can often seem superficial unless you continue to interact with people — such as by commenting and replying to comments and replies! 🙂

      One thing I would recommend is that you add the URL (web address) of your blog to your Gravatar profile. That way anyone can click through to it from your comments. I know I’ve visited your blog but I can’t remember the address right now.

      The other option is to always include the URL of your blog at the end of your comment, or to enter it in the fields that accompany your comment (this varies from blog to blog).

      I look forward to seeing more of your haiku.

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