Recipe for Drizzling – Poem by Katrina Kostro

Recipe for Drizzling

Pick three dying daisies whose petals are still attached
Detach the petals and lay them
   on an olive green clay plate
Sprinkle powdered sugar over the daisy petals
   and tell them just because they have exceeded
   their time of living, they are not powerless
The poem is to lift up their self-esteem
Play old Bruce Springsteen; make it loud enough for them to hear
    so it’s not as if he has died as well, but
    don’t blast it, because the dead daisy petals are delicate
Have a cry
Collect your tears in a tall dark blue glass
Stop crying now
Sing along to a couple of Bruce lines, so the petals
    know you’re listening too
Get an eye dropper
Dip it into the dark sea in the blue glass
Fill up the dropper
And drip a few tear-drops over the petals
    so it’s as if they have been drizzled on
Turn off Bruce
The daisies will be angry
Tell them to treat others as they are treated
And it will start to drizzle outside

– Katrina Kostro
From Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-Po LISTSERV
Richards, Starace, Wheeler, eds.

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