Belle De Jour Finally Outs Herself

Begging the question of whether whores (who get paid) or sluts (who don’t) are more reviled in our society, the infamous blogger Belle De Jour has finally outed herself. Not surprisingly, she’s a well-educated woman who works in scientific research — hardly a well-paid field despite its own kind of glamour and allure.

I couldn’t find a professional job in my chosen field because I didn’t have my PhD yet. I didn’t have a lot of spare time on my hands because I was still making corrections and preparing for the viva; and I got through my savings a lot faster than I thought I would. The difference between living in the Highlands and living in London is massive. I hadn’t really thought that one through.
I don’t know that prostitution would necessarily be one’s first choice, I say. Starbucks? Waitressing? Bar work? Bunking down on a friend’s floor? “Yeah, you could work behind a bar. But how many hours would you have to do just to pay your rent? I couldn’t even get an overdraft at that point, though of course once I started depositing so much cash they offered me a mortgage, about three months later! And I wasn’t prepared to borrow from friends or family. To be honest, the writing-up of a thesis takes up so much of your time and so much of your energy.”

So: hookerdom. “Yes. I didn’t object to the concept.”

Full article here:

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