2012 in Review

Snow Opens the Ground

Communal Dumpster Etiquette

Sun Opens our Coats

RIP Adrienne Rich

Drama of the Disoriented Traveler

Fire and the Love Eye both Transform

Facts about the ACA, aka Obamacare

When the Chainsaw Falls Still

Through the Gates, the Gobble

High Summer

Marigold Reaches Toward the Light

For Folks Who Arrive Expecting a Blog About Online Shopping for Fatties

The God-Shaped Hole, the Still Water

The Door is Open, the Way is Closed

Polishing the Stone, Perfecting the Craft

Nothing Lasts Forever, Even Guns ‘n Roses

Tiny Gratitudes

New Year’s Eve 2012:

First Night Ice Sculpture -- Boston Customs House
First Night Ice Sculpture — Boston Customs House
Fireworks over Boston Harbor, New Year's Eve 2012
Fireworks over Boston Harbor, New Year’s Eve 2012
Midnight Kiss with the One I Love
Midnight Kiss with the One I Love

Day 13: Nothing Lasts Forever, Not Even Guns & Roses

Five things I’m grateful for today:

  1. The guys who called to request “November Rain” by Guns & Roses after a day installing sheet rock.
  2. The DJ on 100.7 who played it during a particularly hellish commute home this evening — through cold November rain, early November dark, and crosstown Boston rush hour traffic.
  3. The excellent speakers in my car so I could blast Slash’s solo in the last two minutes of the song.
  4. The peculiarly layered sensation of hearing the song in my car now, the memory of the first time I saw the music video on MTV, and reliving in an instant the twenty-plus years between the release of Appetite for Destruction, their brief stardom, their decline into obscurity, and their return as retro metal stars. The whole concept of retro metal still boggles my mind. Those years in the late 80s when hair metal ruled seem preserved in amber, out of time.
  5. I will never have to live through the winter of 1989 again.
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