Weekly gratitude practice: office space, windows/kitty, space, Friday, not a teenager

  1. My fingertips have been cold from the chill for the past three days (my tiny cube is directly under a vent), but I’m still grateful that I have an employer that pays for my office space. When I was self-employed, I looked into renting a timeshared space in Harvard Square, and it was NOT CHEAP.
  2. Earlier this week, I was very happy to be able to work from home. Specifically, I was happy to have windows, and a kitty to look at while I worked. Kitties are very helpful for reminding you when it is quitting time, because it coincides with feed-the-kitty time.
  3. I’m making space in my life for new things. I’ve always been a crazy overachiever, loading my plate with more than I could possibly enjoy. Less things, more space between them, more enjoyment.
  4. It’s Friday. Hallelujah and thank you Jesus, it’s Friday.
  5. I am so very, very grateful that I am 20 years removed from the slings and arrows of adolescence. No desire whatsoever to go back. I’ll take a few grey hairs and a few wrinkles in exchange for that, any day of the week.

Weekly Gratitude Practice: Haiku, Lilacs, Sisters, Tai Chi, Melting Pot

  1. I still think of haiku from time to time. Am considering a weekly haiku post. If you like reading them, please tell me.
  2. The lilacs are in bloom. The cool, rainy weather means they’ll be in bloom that much longer.
  3. On Saturday our unnamed writing group (3 women, once a month, 2 hours, hijinx) invested time and money in a workshop with local writing teacher and all-around awesome person Toni Amato. He reminded us that we have something very lucky: a group that supports us in as writers. It’s funny that I didn’t really realize how rare and precious a thing it was until he pointed it out. It happened when I wasn’t looking — actually, it happened after I’d made more than one attempt to create that kind of community. Those connections are what led to the group forming, but what makes the group so wonderful is that it formed organically with equal energy and participation from each member. Bonus from the workshop: spreading poems all over the floor and making maps/chapbooks with them.
  4. The tai chi class I’ve been taking ended today. I can now do something called the sampler and three (well, 2.5) of the animal forms. ┬áIt’s the perfect form of exercise for me right now, especially because there tend NOT to be mirrors in martial arts classes. Last night, I found a place close to my office that’s affordable and with classes that fit in with my schedule.
  5. China will probably be running the world by the time I’m ready to retire, but American culture has always been about a melting pot. And I’m already a fan of tea, tai chi, and the Golden Mother of the Western Mountain. Maybe Chinese hegemony will make Daoist teachers more accessible in Massachusetts.