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I post media reviews and author interviews on a regular basis. I also interview people running small presses. To send a review copy or to suggest that I interview you,* please use my contact form.

While I am open to work by any person, I am particularly interested in work by women, queers (LGBTQI folks), and people of color. I review a wide variety of genres but lean heavily toward poetry, science fiction, speculative fiction, and literary fiction. Go figure.

Previous coverage may give you some idea of my tastes. You can find current articles on this website; older reviews live at Goodreads.  I also write for Gender Focus.

* Please note that a review copy does not guarantee that I will cover your work on my site. Books in particular must meet my standards for good writing. What constitutes good writing can be highly subjective, so you should know I generally weigh a work’s merit by considering the four Aristotelian ideals for literature: language, character, theme, and plot. As a poet, I consider language first. We’re not talking the Pulitzer here–just prose that’s more lyrical than purple. Prose poetry give me vertigo: is it prose? is it poetry? is it a bird, a plane, or superman? And then I spiral into existential angst. Nobody likes an angsty Frances.

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