Silence, Lost Sisters, Escape

seeking emptiness
and learning not to fear it
we lost our sisters in the forest

now they gather in the back,
their voices shrill and loud
they don’t seem to have aged
but we have

when did we trade the forest
for this dry museum?
where is the way out?

must we exit through the gift shop
or is there another doorway
we have yet to find?

2 Replies to “Silence, Lost Sisters, Escape”

  1. Thanks for the feedback, K. It’s always illuminating to see someone else’s interpretation of a poem. The gift shop line was actually written in rather playful way. I was thinking of the documentary (or is it a mockumentary?) of the same name. Taken in context with the rest of the poem, the playful intention doesn’t really read through though, does it? And buying one’s way out is a pretty standard Western response to discomfort.

    This is a once-or-twice removed poem that was originally prompted by a postcard given us by a teacher in a workshop a few months ago.

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