Mother. Fuckers.

News on Feministing is often bad and I usually don’t have the energy to get all mad and stuff, but this really riled me up:

At the beginning of the semester, there was an incident here at Yale involving a “fraternity prank” and the Women’s Center where 12 members of the Zeta Psi frat stood in front of the Women’s Center chanting “dick dick dick dick” while holding a sign saying “We Love Yale Sluts.” Quite the incident.

On Monday, the Executive Committee of Yale College found the members of this group not guilty of intimdiation [sic] and harassment charges.

Feministing continues, “The men also intimidated women trying to enter the center. But I guess that’s not harassment, huh?”

Apparently, no further recourse.

Link to the Feministing article

Link to the Female Impersonator article

Link to an article written by one the women harassed in the Yale Daily News

The Women’s Center at Vassar, my Alma Mater and Yale’s former sister school, mysteriously disappeared the year after I graduated. When I was a junior and senior, it was centrally located in the Student Center, with a gorgeous mural on the wall, comfy couches I often used for napping, a decent library of feminist books, a little group-made altar, and a glass wall that looked over the plaza. The next year, they painted over the mural and plopped the main college switchboard offices in there. As far as I know, the Women’s Center never reappeared. Maybe they put it in the basement of one of the dorms.

Because, you know, a women’s college (now co-ed) must have no need for a women’s center.

At least there’s no fraternities at Vassar. Just sausage-heads performing pranks independently.

3 thoughts on “Mother. Fuckers.

  1. I’m horrified by the comments on the YDN article. “Dude, you weren’t actually raped, so quit your bitching.” Hello, missing the point entirely!
    My university didn’t have a women’s center at all. But luckily we also didn’t have a Greek system. Which was a major factor for me when choosing where to go.

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